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The Agency employs only the top agents and brokers in the business. They are the reason that The Agency has become one of the top luxury real estate brokerages in the world in less than two years, rivaling companies that have been around for decades.

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The Agency is a full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company representing clients worldwide in a broad spectrum of classes, including single-family residential, resort and hospitality, residential leasing and luxury vacation rentals.

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Find an experienced agent to sell your property.


The finishing touches for an open house inspection can make all the difference to how.


If you’re selling your house, chances are you’ve thought about decluttering and cleaning up.

first home

Negative gearing is a part of life for investors, and a property buzz word. So what is it?


Is it better to extend your home into the backyard or add a second storey? Before you start.


But there are solid reasons to consider buying a one-bedroom property – here are a few.


Whether you’re buying a property or renovating your current home, a check is always a good idea.

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Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell your home, directory of local real estate agents and brokers connects you with professionals who can help meet your needs. Because the real estate market is unique, it's important to choose a real estate agent or broker with local expertise to guide you through the process of renting, buying or selling your next home.

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Our directory helps you find real estate professionals who specialize in buying, selling, foreclosures, or relocation - among many other options.

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Alternatively, you could work with a local agent or real estate broker who provides an entire suite of buying and selling services.

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No matter what type of real estate needs you have, finding the local real estate professional you want to work with is the first step.

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The real estate directory lets you view and compare real estate agents, read reviews, see an agent's current listings and past sales.

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Is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data.

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Buying a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make, but not all real estate agents are equal.

Find agents in your area.

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Real estate agents are the people you deal with face to face when buying or selling property. These are the people on the front lines of the real estate market and perform such tasks as showing homes to perspective buyers and negotiating transactions on behalf of their client.

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